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Collaboration with the lingerie brand NISSÉ

Verpal jewelry is in the spotlight for a photo shoot for the brand's launch.

This collaboration offers a unique opportunity to combine the beauty of Verpal jewelry with the intimacy and sensuality of Nissé lingerie creations. Jewelry can enhance lingerie outfits and add a touch of elegance and refinement to each ensemble.

By combining these two worlds, the collaboration will create unique and harmonious sets, where every detail is carefully thought out to reflect the personality and style of those who wear them. Lingerie pieces delicately adorned with refined jewelry will add a touch of luxury and sophistication, making every moment even more special.

The collaboration between Verpal Bijoux and Nissé is also an opportunity to offer exclusive capsule collections, designed especially for special occasions. Whether to celebrate a romantic occasion, an important moment or simply to treat yourself, these unique creations will captivate hearts and enhance feminine beauty.

We look forward to discovering the fruits of this exceptional collaboration between Verpal Bijoux and Nissé, and are convinced that this union of expertise will not fail to seduce lovers of beautiful things and timeless elegance.

When song and jewelry come together, an extraordinary alchemy takes place, a unique and memorable artistic experience. Music, with its ability to move, and jewelry, with its poetic power, complement each other to bring to life a captivating fusion

Thanks to Morgan Feat and Julien “Les fleurs se fadent” Marchal for this artistic collaboration.


Laurence Laborie talented photographer, contributor to ONIRQ author of the portraits of Forbes Women 2021 exhibited at Fouquet's last March and the first two Women's Fashion series in ONIRQ, collaborates with Verpal to express Love through magical photos of a young and beautiful unknown immersed in the floral universe of Verpal.

The Poppy as a sign of love…

Through her works filled with sensuality and beauty, Laurence Laborie sublimates women in their pure nudity and strives to reveal the delicacy of their emotions like the fragility of poppies. We must be able to reveal our fragility to welcome pleasure in all its mystery. The timelessness of a divine dream.

Come discover the sumptuous works of Laurence "BORN TO BE LOVED" at Verpal.

The exhibition ends on June 30, 2023

Bague Solen par Verpal

Partnership with the fashion house BEI CHEN

Bei Chen, Chinese-French stylist but also artist and poet. Through the design of his clothing, Bei emphasizes the millennia of Chinese cultural development across the world. His creations oscillate between the know-how of French haute couture and the Chinese codes of Opera costumes. Bei is dedicated to Franco-Chinese cultural exchanges through his passions for art and fashion. Verpal was asked by the fashion house to create a collection of jewelry for its fashion shows.

Discover some designed and fluid pieces in the store, perfect for every moment of a woman's life. Bei sublimates the woman every day.

Small capsule of his creations on display in our store until June 30, 2023.