Verpal (VERonique PAlenzuela) is a brand created by a duo of art enthusiasts,

Véronique & Charlotte mother & daughter.

Our ambition is to design unique and original pieces that reflect the personality of each of our customers.

Our mission is to create exceptional jewelry and objects that tell a story and bring a touch of originality with elegance and poetry.

Our passion is creation and we hope to share it with you.

The adventure

There are passions that drive you, which go beyond reason. One day it's the big leap... Of course, there are moments of doubt, fear, uncertainty but the conviction of being in harmony with your values, your choices and your emotions nourishes you with energy overflowing to satisfy your dream. My daughter, Charlotte, is joining this entrepreneurial adventure. The bet is as crazy as it is magical, we launch our brand with the first collections which quickly become iconic... We open our store in the heart of the Marais. A timeless space where imagination and poetry are the key words of the equation. And we will write the rest of this adventure with you.

A signature, a mark

The Verpal brand is the contraction of the name of its creator and designer Véronique Palenzuela, who wants a refined brand in accordance with her values.

Verpal is a universe where atmospheres, materials and shapes perceptible in jewelry and exceptional objects combine in each creation. We travel from one collection to another, from an object to a jewel, we let ourselves be guided by this poetic universe.

Verpal is a scenography where creations come to life and give emotion like a musical score that captivates you with its melody.

The magic of jewelry...

Timeless and daring collections with mixes of materials and unique volumes, gilded with fine 999 thousandths gold or silvered with fine silver. The jewel, such a coveted object and work of art, is revealed in all its forms with lightness and elegance.

Magic.. “A piece of jewelry that highlights the character and emotion of the person wearing it”


Between simplicity and ultra-elegance, the different Verpal collections offer a diversity of original and quality creations, with attention to detail and harmony of volumes.

In my creations, I need to be inspired and perceive the emotions deep within my being. I can find my creativity in nature, architecture, the little things in life and my imaginary universe.

Our philosophy

Each piece we create is the result of a consuming passion for design and craftsmanship. All our love and know-how is in each creation, to offer you unique jewelry or objects that arouse emotion and tell a story.

A fair price all year round without compromising the quality and know-how that characterizes them. We pride ourselves on offering transparent and fair pricing, so everyone can enjoy our creations.

Eco-responsibility is a value that is close to our hearts. We minimize our impact on the environment by using sustainable materials and favoring ethical short-circuit practices. We work with partners who share our values.

Our commitment to our customers is absolute. We do everything we can to offer you an exceptional customer experience, by being available, responsive and attentive to all your requests.

The originality of our creations is our trademark. We believe in the singularity and uniqueness of each person. This is why we design jewelry and objects that stand out for their innovative design and distinctive character. Each creation is designed to express the personality and unique style of the wearer.

Finally, we believe in exchange and collaboration. We like to share our passion. We value exchanges, ideas, partnerships, etc.

Verpal is a universe where passion, transparency, eco-responsibility, attention to others, originality, and exchange come together to create unique and memorable creations.

We are proud to share our love of design and craftsmanship with you, and we look forward to meeting you.