Authenticity of a Parisian stroll

Stroll along rue du Pont-Louis-Philippe to the south of the Marais district and the Hôtel de Ville , north of the Quais de Seine.
This little setting is a jewel of Paris.
You can have a drink at La Perla and have lunch at Julien , an authentic place of Parisian chic.
You stroll along the banks of the Seine while tasting a Merveilleux de Fred .

Discover the pretty boutiques of independent designers including of course VERPAL located at n°19 rue du Pont-Louis-Philippe.

A poetic DNA

Whether it's jewelry or objects, Verpal takes you into a poetic and romantic universe where the key word in the equation is refinement.

Unique jewelry

Discover our jewelry gilded with fine 999 thousandths gold or silvered with fine silver through scenographies designed and created by VERonique PALenzuela (Verpal).

The magic of jewelry also involves thinking about the case that presents it.

Luminaire Ozalée - Verpal Créateur

Exceptional objects

Discover decorative objects, gift ideas or much more...inspiration to decorate your interiors.

Verpal's Secrets

For a moment, with your lips hanging over a cup of tea or coffee, we reveal to you the manufacturing secret of the piece of jewelry or object you have just purchased.