VERPAL jewelry is made of brass or pewter.
They are gilded with 999 thousandths gold
or silvered to fine silver.

Our jewelry is designed in Normandy in Véronique Palenzuela's workshop, French and artisanal manufacturing with its small imperfections which make our creations unique and moving.

Here are some tips to ensure a long life for your jewelry

Even if our jewelry is of very good quality, avoid contact with water, perfume, chemicals and cosmetics as much as possible. For this, we advise you to put on your jewelry after your beauty treatment.

Our bags and boxes are real allies in protecting your jewelry from light and humidity when you are not wearing them. During your travels, they will also be protected from possible shocks and scratches.

Finally, to clean your jewelry, we recommend that you use a chamois leather suitable for jewelry to make them shine without damaging them.